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Privacy Policy


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Privacy Policy

Privacy is a word that is slowly losing its meaning.
The Internet is accelerating that degradation.
We will not participate in the destruction of your privacy.

We take your privacy as seriously as our own. Since we have gone to great lengths to reduce/prevent spam in our own mailboxes, the last thing we'd do is intentionally add to yours.
Brute Force Technology will not send you unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE).
We will not give or sell your information to anyone who will send you UCE.
We'll go further than that; If Brute Force Technology is ever purchased by another company (something that is not in our current plans), there will be a clause in that contract preventing the purchaser from misusing your information.

There are other privacy concerns beyond spam, and we will address these as well:
We will take appropriate steps to ensure that our equipment is not hijacked by any malware which would make use of your information.
We will take appropriate steps to safeguard any of your information that may be stored on our system from unauthorized access or use.
We will not discuss or disclose confidential information about your company, its operations, or its staff without prior authorization.

If we are required by legal proceedings to do any of the above, we will notify you, if legally allowed to do so.

Paul Sterley (the owner of Brute Force Technology) has, in the past, refused to do consulting work for a company that did not respect privacy, engaged in shady business practices, and was known to send spam. In fact, the company in question was asking for help in being removed from anti-spam countermeasures. At that point, Paul terminated all business relations with that company. Later, he found out that the company in question was raided, its equipment confiscated, and was investigated.

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