You've got
a mess.

Why clean it up?

There are a number of reasons to clean that up, not the least of which is the appearance of organization. When your CEO looks in on the server room and sees that tangle of wires, those wire clippings on the floor, the dust building up on the creased, wrinkled pages of a printed Knowledge Base article, he or she may not say anything to you about it. But deep inside, that VIP is not pleased with the state of affairs. This could adversely affect confidence in the infrastructure, approval of your recommendations, and possibly even your salary increases.

For an IT manager, appearances can be just as important as functionality.

However, that's not the only reason.

A well-organized, labeled wiring system means less time spent chasing down ports and tracing cables. It means fewer cables damaged from pulling them through tangles. That means less time testing and replacing cables and fewer user connectivity issues.

A dust-free server room helps keep those hard disks cool and those fans spinning freely. Dust cakes up on heat sinks, insulating them.

Those little clipped wire ends can get picked up by something you're moving around, and dropped into a server where they can short out and cause a failure.

Brute Force Technology places a high value on cleanliness and organization, and will always leave a server room as clean as it was, or perhaps cleaner, when finished. We'll be happy to make a special trip just to clean things up.

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