Power outages
getting your server down?

Install and configure a good battery backup system.

It doesn't make sense to spending $10,000 or more on your server and network infrastructure, and then subject it to power spikes, brownouts, and outages. These can damage your equipment in ways that are difficult to diagnose and solve.

A good battery backup system is a sensible investment, and the winter storm season is a great time to get this knocked out - before it knocks you out.

When I say "good" battery backup system, I am not referring to the consumer-level items that are available at your local office supply store. You need a system that will not only monitor the power and kick in when the power goes out, but will also filter the power so it is clean, trim it if there is a spike, boost it if there is a temporary reduction, and tell your servers to shut down if the outage is extended.

Another optional add-on that can be very helpful is a network management card to go into the UPS, so multiple servers can benefit from the central management. While we're at it, for a small extra cost you can include a temperature monitoring system to protect your server in the summer when it gets too hot as well.

These important protections for your equipment are often overlooked, at great expense. It is a good idea to spend a small percentage of your overall investment making sure that your equipment has a good power base.

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