Budget Cuts?
No New Servers?

Brute Force Technology can help!

Sometimes, you can breathe some new life into that old server by simply giving it a thorough cleanup. Finding disk space by deleting unnecessary files, moving things to different drives, or archiving and deleting them can help you solve that disk space or backup capacity problem. What is safe to move or delete? Brute Force Technology can apply years of experience to help you find and identify these opportunities to reclaim disk space.

Cleaning out Temp folders, defragmenting the hard disk, and adjusting settings for applications that are using too much memory can be another way to revive that old server. Many applications such as SQL Server have the option to limit the amount of memory used, but these settings are disabled by default. Brute Force Technology can help you identify these and make the proper adjustments.

When the problem is too big for a simple cleanup to resolve, Brute Force Technology will be happy to assist you with backing up important data and settings, formatting the hard disk, and rebuilding the server's OS from scratch. In many cases, a server that is unstable and showing poor performance can be revitalized by this method. Get another year or two out of that server. As long as you are prepared for hardware failures, and/or the server is not in a critical role, we can help you maximize your return on that investment.
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