"Our IT system was a mess"

To Whom It May Concern:

I highly recommend Brute Force Technology to any business which is looking for an IT provider that makes sure the business' IT infrastructure is reliable, efficient and recoverable in the case of disaster.

In December 2002, our IT system was a mess - unfortunately we'd only discovered four months prior how unreliable it really was. Up to that time, we had an external IT provider that spent lots of time on our system and gave us many assurances that all was working well, especially our backups.

Unfortunately, in September 2002, there was a major power surge that destroyed a main hard drive on our RAID server. This particular hard drive had approximately 150,000 files on it. When we went to restore data onto a new hard drive from our backups, which we ran every night religiously, we found that our backups didn't work. Through very costly alternative means, which included sending the damaged hard drive to a specialist for reconstruction and using existing and temporary staff for two months to reenter data into the system, we eventually were able to recover 75% of the files. However, this still meant that we'd lost over 11,000 files.

As you can imagine, we parted ways with our old IT provider and began the hunt for a provider that had more knowledge and resources behind it. After an extensive review of several providers, including interviewing and receiving initial proposals from five providers, we selected a company that seemed promising. Paul Sterley, representing isoutsource, evaluated our existing system, evaluated our needs and made recommendations for improvements. Over four years later and I can still say that bringing Paul in was the best decision we have ever made on the IT side.

Today, our network system is extremely reliable and efficient. Unplanned downtime is extremely rare. Even planned downtime is minimal, given the types of work that is done when we have to take it down. We have monthly monitoring and maintenance on all five of our servers, as well as have in place monitoring and regular tests of our backup system.

I wholeheartedly recommend Brute Force Technology to other businesses for their IT needs. I am more than happy to also give a phone reference.

Best regards,

Patricia Hernandez MBA CPA CBM
Financial Manager
Marcon International, Inc.