Core Competencies (Examples, not a complete list)

  • Server Monitoring
  • Local and Offsite Backup
  • Windows Server Admin
  • Wired/Wireless Networking
  • Workstation Deployment
  • Workstation Troubleshooting
  • VPN and Remote Access
  • Upgrades and Migrations
  • Managed Antivirus Systems
  • Domain Registration
  • E-mail Hosting Setup
  • WordPress Website Creation

Flexibility: We can be your IT department, or we can work with your existing team to fill in some gaps. We can do a single project, or provide ongoing support. The choice is ALWAYS yours.

Responsiveness: We will get back to you quickly to let you know when we can address your need. You’ll often find that e-mail sent to us after hours is responded to the same night. We’re dedicated to keeping you productive and happy.

Attention to Detail: This is what separates a GOOD consulting company from a mediocre one. The IT industry is simply FULL of details. Like anyone, we will miss one occasionally. The difference is that we really care about missing one. You could almost say we’re obsessive about it. A missed detail equals a sloppy job.

Longevity: “Work that keeps on working.” Anyone can throw in a new server to fill an immediate need. We’ll do our best to look ahead, make sure that server will last for years, and that installing one is in line with your medium to long term IT plan.